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great meal -- a great deal of time, energy, and manpower. i will sentence youtube one year in orange county jail. -- i will sentence you to one year in orange county jail. >> casey anthony declined to speak during that hearing. court watchers said she looked more relaxed trade -- relaxed. just because she was found not guilty does not mean the panel thought she was innocent. >> if they charged her with other things, we probably could have convicted her. but not for first degree. there is not enough to substantiate that. >> the verdict is still stirring emotions in florida. despite the fact that this verdict is final, there is still anger and outreach. >> i think everyone is frustrated and upset.
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>> casey anthony could end up facing court costs totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. he will learn that total during a hearing at the end of august. how will see paid? she is interested in doing reality television show. >> good judge addressed calls for the names of the jurors to be released. he expressed concern over the safety of the jurors. it is not clear how long that will be. >> people have been mesmerized by the casey anthony trial. today's sentence the developed even more emotion. >> those strong opinions seem to be waning at this point. some are happy with the sentencing others claim that
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they are apathetic about the sentencing. they are focused on an unjust verdict. at the sentence came down, the 25-year-old flashed a smile. >> they came to that conclusion. that is said. >> she should be free right away. i think she was innocent. >> she has been in jail since october of 2008. she will officially be released in six days, it results that is just as shocking as the verdict. >> i think she got off too lightly. >> nippon mr. by putting her -- a punish tour. >> some say she should pay much
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more than the $4,000 fine. four leading police down several rabbit holes. >> do you think about all the time that went into this trial. it has to be the maximum. >> we can not have anything more than that. we cannot try her again unfortunately. >> the jury convicted her on faulty claiming her daughter disappeared. she had a babysitter and did not. and that she spoke to her by phone. >> one restaurant owner in clear water has made it clear what he thinks about the verdict. he does not want any jury members to step foot in his place. he posted a handwritten note telling jurors that they are not welcome and to find a different
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place to eat. more coverage, the 02 we switch gears and we turn to the weather on this thursday. we are on storm watch tonight because heavy rain is on the way. >> this story with their brain is going to be tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. let's get you started. let me show you the flood watch. we are looking at a few thunderstorms. a couple developing near frederick. a little farther north of the baltimore area. a flash flood warning in effect for portions of allegheny county. heat is the story.
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temperatures are in the 90's right now. it feels like 96 in manassas. we will have scattered thunderstorms and most of the activity will be north of the metro area. we expect no rain during the morning commute. it is a whole different story for your drive home tomorrow afternoon. we will look at the weekend in just a couple of minutes. there has been a major break in the arson case that left firefighters seriously injured. we are live in northwest washington with the details. >> police say that maurice dews called 911 nine times to report fires. he was typical of the first on the scene. that man is behind bars, charged
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with setting three recent fires in d.c. the rest of the 26-year-old brings a sense of closure. >> it was an elated feeling for all of the investigators when we were able to execute the arrest warrant. >> he was arrested wednesday night. the latest incident happened on 48th street monday night. back in april, he allegedly said another fire right across the street. it is an incident that has left a mark on the d.c. firefighter after five firefighters suffered burn injuries. >> i think it's important for families to know that these investigators have worked tirelessly to try to solve this.
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>> after it was determined that the fire was intentionally set an arson task force was formed. investigators say through collaboration they were able to connect him to multiple fires over the past four years. >> win want individual decides to start burning places to get a reaction it is a good reaction to put handcuffs on him. >> additional charges are pending against dews. his arraignment hearing is set for tomorrow. prince george's county police are investigating a deadly pedestrian accident in landover. this happened around 5:30 this morning. he was attempting to cross. the driver did stay at the scene. police say they do not know if
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she was in the crosswalk. the countdown is on to announce a's a final shuttle launch. -- nasa's shuttle launch. we have live team coverage of this historic launch. good evening to both of you. >> hide their. -- hi there. the shuttle mission is still under way, they are still preparing to go tomorrow morning. i got a behind-the-scenes tour today. they are amazed at the amount of attention being paid on this final mission. they have never seen this many media trailers. >> the media out here is amazing. everyone is keeping their eyes
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on the skies right now. there is a 70% chance that the weather will interfere or prevent the launch tomorrow. we will show you the video from earlier today. the weather has been the big story today. you will see some lightning strikes right near the launch pad. there was a meeting that just began at 4:30 this afternoon. they're trying to determine if there has been any sustainable damage. they are out there walking launchpad bird table continue to do that throughout the night looking for any other issues. 70% sounds like a daunting number of. but they have actually launched here with a 90% chance that it would not happen. the last thing you want to do is scrubbed the launch for another day or so and it turns out that the weather is beautiful. it does not look good right now but they will continue to look at it. >> it is business as usual until
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they decide whether or not -- and they will make that decision. it will happen in the wee hours tomorrow morning. >> 2:00. >> able prepare for the final launch pad today i got a tour. they are inviting all of 11 astronauts to witness this launch. we got a chance to a call -- to talk to them. we will have that letter for you. >> ok. we will keep our fingers crossed. >> 16 high-school students from the district will witness this final shuttle launch. the student left the airport this morning. they were picked to go on the trip and they won a contest that ask them to explore topics in science and math.
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nasa is hoping to encourage students to pursue careers in these fields. >> coming up, new details and the search for a man who attacked a speed camera truck and was last seen with a gun and a hammer. >> surprising new numbers on americans and obesity. >> they may not be ending after all. good news for devoted soap fans. >> are terrorist really thinking about using the body bomb?
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there is a new tactic for terrorist that have officials on alert. >> how real is this the right you're talking about? >> it is real enough that the nation's security experts felt they needed to make the threats public. this is not a new threats. drug smugglers have used it in the past to sneak drugs into the country. al qaeda has experimented with its at least once. there is a real -- refocusing on this type of attack.
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a criminal tactic would terrorist application. the homeland security issued an alert to airlines on wednesday. >> they have been working over a year on the idea of implanting bomb surgically inside human beings. they may have done not by now. >> the surgeon would open the abdominal cavity and implant the explosive device. >> the major concern is conventional security measures may not be able to detect a body bomb. >> there are a series of measures. there is no silver bullet right now. >> he is the deputy director of the homeland security policy institute. >> it might mean more pat-downs. it might mean a longer security
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lines. >> for passengers, it is another thing to think about. >> the security at the airports is really good. that is pretty scary. >> you never know what is going to happen. >> i am a little worried. >> the associated press has obtained yesterday's memo and it did light at some things to look for as far as detecting a potential body bomb. that includes a distended belly unusual bulges, as well as digital -- visible discomfort. there are no specific threats at this time. the biggest tabloid newspaper is shutting down. news of the world published its last edition on sunday. the paper has long been criticized for its outlandish
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headlines. the paper crossed the line by hacking into the cell phone of a missing teenager and interfering with the police investigation of her murder. with all the recent allegations, advertisers reacted by pulling their ads. we have a disturbing new report on the obesity epidemic. it is still on the rise. in 1995, not one state had an obesity rate above 20%. today, all but one does. colorado has the nation's lowest obesity rate with 19.8% for adults. in a dozen states, more than 30% of the population is obese. >> it was a good day to get outside this morning. this afternoon though -- >> tomorrow this time, it will be a lot of rain. the flash flood goes into of
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that tomorrow afternoon for all the jurisdictions in green. rain is going to pick up by midday. tomorrow afternoon, most of it will fall. there is rain out there right now north of the metro area. some heavier activity further to the west. there is a chance we will see a couple of things develop. so far this year, we have hit 19 days above the 90-degree mark. here are the numbers. low 90's are around the area. a bit cooler north and west. cumberland down to 70. the heat index, it is much higher. it feels like 101 degrees. it feels like 97 in the
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district. plenty of heat around the mid atlantic. you can pick of the areas that have the rain. a very warm and very humid tropical air mass. that is part of this forecast going forward. it is almost a tropical push of moisture to the south. the high heat continues to settle in on the southern plains. we will see a bad back to the 90-degree range on saturday. so far everything is looking pretty good. that boundary will shift south tomorrow. the storms north of the area that may come closer to home tomorrow. the farther south you go, there is a whole lot more rain, especially coming out of florida. they need the rain in florida because of a severe drought.
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the showers and storms of well over the east coast of florida right now, they will be back there again tomorrow around the space shuttle launch time. this is one of our computer models. you can see all of the flashes of green and yellow indicating there are slow moving developments. part of a cloudy, it looks like scattered storms, areas of rain developing around noon tomorrow. that precipitation drops right off the chart for the weekend. it will be hot but a little less humid. the next chance of rain will not be until sometime on tuesday afternoon. >> we will get through it. >> it is time for our latest facebook giveaway. today's winner receives a $50 itunes gift card.
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we will be given away in other gift card tomorrow. go to our facebook page. good luck. coming up, there is no metro stop. we will tell you how. >> two big companies are going to open this weekend. >> people live here in northwest say not in my neighborhood.
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we are following breaking news out of annapolis. " martin o'malley signed a bill allowing illegal immigrants to meet certain criteria to get in- state tuition, but the board of election says not enough -- enough signatures have been collected by opponents to put the issue on the ballot. the issue is expected to come up for a vote on it -- in 2012. >> is walmart the solution to the district cost begun problem? >> capt. lanier says it is one problem -- solution that could help. >> it could help because d.c. does not have a licensed gun dealer. it has to come up with one very soon. behind me is the proposed site
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for a new wal-mart. wal-mart sells guns. the people live here say, hold on. the georgia avenue site for the proposed walmart sits in the middle of a network of established neighborhoods. neighborhood filled with single- family homes and schools and families who have lived here for decades. >> what i do not want is a wal- mart in the area. >> she has lived here for 28 years. she learned many of the wal-mart stores sell guns. >> now but i know that they sell guns that is out of the question. >> the city must have a registered dealer. the city's only licensed dealer is not doing business. cathy lanier said the city must find a dealer at soon. even though it is not a good idea, wal-mart could be one option. >> walmart could take that on.
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are they willing to take that on? >> for residents who are battling to keep crime down, the thought of a big gun dealer moving in is not welcomed. >> things happened around here. >> next to the police station. there are still a lot of unanswered questions that need to be addressed. >> walmart still has a lot of hurdles to jump before they can move into this site. the company says even if that is ok to make the move, right now they do not have any plans to sell guns in the district. coming up, you may not have to say goodbye to "all my children" and "one life to live" after all.
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>> a new virginia law is giving bikers' a break. >> the hunt is on for the man behind a bizarre attack on a
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you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. the search is still on for the man who attacked a speed
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camera truck. >> more witnesses are coming forward. >> what police found out last night during their investigation was that while the attack was going on on the southbound lanes of the parkway people stopped. there was a little bit of a traffic jam. many of them solve this attacker. they generated a new description. none of them have been able to tell police why the guy was doing it. a man wielding a hammer and a shotgun attacked a mobile speed camera jeep. theories abound as to why. >> i think he is crazy. >> others believe it was a statement of sorts against folks speed enforcement. -- photo speed enforcement.
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he has been waging an online battle against them. if someone is taking something from you, you get frustrated. >> the state police say it is too early to speculate about a motive. the man has not been caught. he is white in his 50s or 60s, 6 feet tall, 200 pounds, clear glasses, and as caring or wearing a dark backpack over a red and blue plaid shirt. you can see that the assailants swung his hammer twice putting substantial dent in the windshield. you can see some rectangle's from where they were able to lift somebody's presence. police have been focusing on the commercial area where the attacker may have parked his own car to make his way to its target. a grassy area separates that a business park from the highway. there is a well-worn path to the spot where the speed truck was
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parked. somebody cut an opening in the sense. you can see the speed warning sign is still up tonight. there is no truck out snapping pictures. the state highway administration did tell us that across the stage, their fleet of speed trucks is in operation. this attack has not kept them from their duties. she will spend six more days in jail. a judge sentenced casey anthony to four years behind bars. she was given credit for time served and good behavior. a jury found her not guilty of the murder charges on tuesday. a district man arrested on monday for setting fires to a vacant tom has admitted to
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committing previous arson. he is responsible for setting multiple fires in this city. >> all systems are go for the launch of the space shuttle atlantis. the shuttle is scheduled to fly on its bottle voyage tomorrow. >> a new law in virginia went into effect on july 1. bill law lets people on two wheels drive through a red light with a few restrictions. >> we are waiting for a car to pull up behind us. >> a new law will keep her from being creative to get through a red light. >> i might have to make a right on red.
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>> of the new law allows anyone on a motorcycle, bicycle to roll through a red light after they have waited 120 seconds. >> that is exciting. i understand why it can beat hazardous, but there are times when there are no cars and we are just sitting there waiting embassy. >> a small victory in the constant battle between those on bicycles and those behind the wheel. >> they cannot make up their minds if they are in traffic or on the sidewalk. >> the main concern drivers bill is putting the brakes on safety. >> it is a terrible idea. you are right in front of a driver. people break the law anyway. one must to get the police have to worry about writing. i do not to the logic behind
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this. here is a look at is what is coming up tonight in prime time. on expedition and possible, the teams faced camels and a sandstorm. time now for a check on the traffic situation. >> we are dealing with some have been delays right now on the beltway. you are slow from central avenue to landover road where we have an accident that was quickly moved to the shoulder. construction is blocking the right lane did the usual delays between new hampshire and 270. you are seeing some slow traffic from georgetown to 270. coming up, metro train cars
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are getting a makeover. we will show you the new look. >> new rules at the movies this weekend. >> the choice that could have changed history. new details revealed from president obama's past.
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get ready to laugh at the movies this weekend. >> arch campbell joins us with a look at what is out this weekend. you must be talking about "a horrible losses." -- bosses." >> kevin james gets dating advice from the animals at the zoo. horrible bosses plugs into workplace resentment big time. >> i was in line for that promotion. >> look how hard you have been working. >> have you ever wanted to kill your boss? don't answer that.
5:40 pm
they are fed up employees who had a plan to kill each other's bosses. >> that is a good idea. hitchcock, strangers on a train right? >> 3 stars a comic fantasy for our time. >> we need to talk. >> the kevin james learned the secrets that animals can talk. they help him with his dating problems. i think eddie murphy already made this. 2 stars. the movie's gets more serious next week with a long awaited
5:41 pm
grand finale of harry potter. we will get to see how it turns out. >> kevin james is hysterical. >> he is a nice guy. >> ok. thank you. >> we should probably explain this. >> let's move on. >> coming up, the future is looking a little brighter for two of your favorite soap operas. >> general motors has a new offer that some drivers may not be able to refuse. >> some astronauts to know what it is like to blast off into space reflect on the shuttle program just one day before the final flight.
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we have more on the final flight. the weather could be a problem for them. >> leon harris spoke to astronauts who have taken a
5:45 pm
shuttle ride to space. they know what it is like to hold off because of the weather. >> she is why tonight in cape court -- cape canaveral. >> in the 30 years of the shuttle program nasa has said some 300 -- has sent some 350 astronauts into space. i had a chance to sit down and talk to members of that elite group. >> a visit to the flight center is a trip down memory lane. >> i am changing out one of the batteries. >> he is known as the last man to touch the hubble telescope. he recalls one of this five missions into space. >> i was extremely fortunate being an asterisk -- astrophysicist that my first mission was to go up in the
5:46 pm
space shuttle with telescopes. >> they recall the program's many successes. >> my favorites the hubble space telescope the most amazing scientific instrument created by people. >> as well as the sometimes troubled history. >> we have lost 14 astronauts. >> for that reason, he looks forward to the shuttle launch. >> it is the first chance i will ever be able to -- first time to watch a launch with my wife next to me. >> and a safe return. it will be able to look forward to whatever comes next. >> we want to go to places again. we need a different vehicle to do that. it is time to expand capabilities and move on. >> they plan to continue sharing their passion with the next generation. >> kids and adults go outside
5:47 pm
and looked up at the stars and wonder what is out there. we want to go. >> both those gentlemen told us they are excited about being here to witness the final chapter of the shuttle program. they also say they hope the next generation of space vehicles are safer and a lot more simple as well. >> interesting. so many people hoping that this launch will happen tomorrow. we have our fingers crossed. general motors is trying out a new program that would offer some of its customers one year's worth of free car insurance. it will be launched in oregon and washington state. the deal applies to people who buy new bewick's, cadillacs -- buicks. there will be life after television for the soap operas
5:48 pm
"all my children" and "one life to live". the dramas will continue. the network has sold the on-line rights to prospect park, a company. we want to know your thoughts about this development. good to or you can post your comments on our facebook page. the world's most famous newlyweds' get ready to had to hollywood. prince william and kate are spending their final night in canada after a nine-day visit. they greeted crowds yesterday. the royal couple arrives for a long weekend in california. thousands of harry potter fans lined up for the london premiere of the final installment. some fans waited in line for
5:49 pm
days in the rain to be the first to see it. their long wait paid off after -- as they walked the red carpet for the premier. u.s. fans will get their chance next week. it was a wild scene in spain as the running of the bulls took place today. thousands of people took to the streets. nobody was gored this time are wrong is bright but for people still ended up in the hospital. >> double running will take place each day between now and next thursday. >> it is about getting out of the way. >> have you done that? >> quite a bit. we just run out of the station every night. >> let's see what is coming the next at 6:00.
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>> i am tempted to say something about the bull, but i am not going to break the deck showdown continues. it has moved to the white house. the president said it will be painful for both sides. are they any closer to a compromise? by the council chairman could face a criminal investigation. that is coming up at 6:00. it is so july out there. >> it is a lie and that is the story. it is very hot and humid. we will tell you about the swatch that goes into affect for most of the area tomorrow. that is a flash flood watch. the dark areas are warnings in effect north of baltimore. flood warnings are in effect because of the thunderstorms that persist. we have had thunderstorms develop in the last 20 minutes.
5:51 pm
more storms to the west. most of the activity will stay north of the metro area. for the majority of the region, it is sunny and humid. later tonight things will settle down. look at all of this tropical moisture. a lot of rain in florida and it could threaten the cape tomorrow. some of that moisture will head here. intermittent heavy rain tomorrow and thunderstorms. especially for the afternoon and evening. once we get past that, saturday improves and sunday looks good. the weekend is nice. the regular heat and humidity returns by early next week. we are talking tennis.
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>> a big crowd of tonight. venus williams made her return this weekend. with one william sister comes another. serena williams took part in a tennis match with some area youngsters. she most recently came back for wimbledon. she decided to forgo a tournament in hungry and sweden to play here. it is a sold-out match tonight. from one champion to another of a very different kind, if you think you down a lot of barbecue this be, you have not heard about joey chesnutt. he took his talents from coney island to a bethesda today. >> already. >> the jury chestnut found out
5:53 pm
today that acting does not go down as easily as hot dogs. >> i love to eat. >> he was in bethesda shooting a commercial for a local it company. he is the world's top dog when it comes to eating bread monday, he won nathan's famous fourth of july contest. >> by wednesday, i was feeling pretty good. the day after the contest, it is rough. i am drunk on hot dogs. >> 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes. >> my record in competition is 68. >> crude does that? >> i do not know. the next day, you are probably feeling portable. >> hot dogs may be his bread- and-butter but nothing beats his mother's cooking. >> he has won a reported $200,000 in prize money.
5:54 pm
he keeps his day job as a construction manager. >> my little brother was a fan of it and he made me do my first contest. now i get to travel all around the world. >> there was a hot dog eating contest in georgetown.
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we are getting our first look at metro's real cars. the agency revealed the new design today. the national transportation safety board recommended that metro get some new cars after the deadly crash. the new cars will be delivered in 2013. clock is ticking for thousands of government workers. >> table began their move from crystal city to alexandria. -- they will begin their move from crystal city to alexandria. metro @ they plan to help.
5:58 pm
the jam packed highways and public transportation, commuting to the complex is already difficult. >> it takes me an hour to get to work. >> ibm na 2.5 hour commute. >> -- i am in a 2.5 average commute. >> many are expecting a nightmare. >> it is going to be horrendous. >> metro is stepping in. at a board meeting it laid out its plans to create new bus lines that boat run express service for government employees. one line would run from the pentagon to the market center. -- mark center. >> whatever they can do would be great. >> metro admits that the new bus service will not be enough. the defense department and the
5:59 pm
city of alexandria only recently agreed to the finding. >> it is going to be difficult. >> horrendous. >> one virginia congressman estimates that every one of the 200,000 people who passed -- a travel past seminary road will take an extra hour to their commute. a lot of changes. >> that hurts when traffic is already so bad. >> that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. the debt showdown news from capitol hill to the white house. >> it is just unbelievable. >> six days to freedom, the latest reaction in the case -- as casey anthony learned her fate. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is abc7

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